With further ado, please allow us to introduce our newest single, "Gravity".

This track is available as a FREE download exclusively from our Bandcamp site here:  https://fadetooblivion.bandcamp.com/track/gravity

Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Tickets for the Destruction North American Tour 2014 are available now!  We'll be playing March 22nd at the Alrosa Villa with Vindicator, Gomorrah, and the rest of the tour package. 

Save $4/ticket by purchasing them before the day of show.  Tickets are available through our Facebook page, or we will ship them to you for free if you purchase them through our merch store:  http://fadetooblivion.bandcamp.com/merch/columbus-events-group-llc-presents-destruction-krisiun-widow-with-very-special-guests-vindicator-fade-to-oblivion-Gomorrah

See you at the show!
Come out and raise the horns with us at this awesome show, our first large-scale appearance of 2014!  

If you are into saving money, presale tickets are available through our merch store:  https://fadetooblivion.bandcamp.com/merch/columbus-events-group-llc-presents-destruction-krisiun-widow-with-very-special-guests-vindicator-fade-to-oblivion-gomorrah

Presale ticket purchases include free shipping and a free track download from "Of Death And Vengeance".  

See you at the show!

Of course, "Of Death And Vengeance" is here, and feedback has been pouring in since the release a little less than a week ago.  Check out the latest full-featured review from Matt at GaladhOFFICIAL:


If you haven't pickup up your copy, or even heard it, swing by our Bandcamp page today and take a listen!

Reviews are starting to trickle in for the new album.  Here's a sample of the latest reviews for you:

An old-school hesher weighs in on just how goat-slaughteringly metal, or not, we are:  https://www.facebook.com/fadetooblivion/posts/702143183145300

Matt Bacon from Two Guys Metal Reviews claims 'Of Death And Vengeance' is "shockingly evil and incredibly well polished.  A bite to the jugular, indeed:  http://www.twoguysmetalreviews.tk/2013/08/fade-to-oblivion.html

As always, keep up with the latest on Facebook and Twitter!
The mastering is complete and we are now waiting on our test prints to come back from the printer before we order a production run of CD's.  Yes, we still like CD's... what is the point of badass artwork if you don't have anything to display it?  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for an official release date, coming soon!
We know, we know, after all this time you guys thought we were just pulling your leg about "new music" and an "album" and all that.  In reality though, we've been slaving away, and we FINALLY have something to show for it!  So give the video below a play through and let us know what you think!  We appreciate all sorts of feedback, so even if you think the music is pretty mediocre, don't hesitate to tell us.  Stay tuned for more updates!
PictureAlbum Cover
We gave you a teaser several months back, but here is the official cover for "Of Death and Vengeance", due out this year.  We know digital media is all the rage, but we can't help ourselves; we like traditional badass album artwork.  Head on over to our "Media" page and click on the image there for a larger view of the cover.

Mixing for the album is coming along phenomenally well; the sound quality came out much better than we had hoped for.  

Touring plans on on the docket, friends, so look for us to be played songs off the new record, as well as old favorites, at a town near you shortly.  Have a town/stop/venue you'd like to see us play at on tour?  Get in touch with us via our "Contact" page and we will try and make it happen.

Stayed tuned for more news and updates.  A little bird tells us that we may have a sneak preview of some new music or a new video in the works next for you.

We are considering deactivating our MySpace page.  What do you think?  Should we keep the page or is it time to deep-six the sucker?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.